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Was Anthony Joshua Hypnotised?

This episode is to explore the possibility that Anthony Joshua was Hypnotised before his heavyweight fight against Andy Ruiz Jr. I look at his behaviour both before and during the fight, along with tactics employed by Andy Ruiz Jr. I also discuss the ‘psychological battle’ boxers undertake in an attempt to get under the other…

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When A Counsellor May Be Quiet

Hello and welcome to my practice room at Number 1 Harley Street, London. In this video I explain some of the reasons why a Counsellor may be quiet, and in particular, why ‘I’ may be personally when working with a client in either a Counselling, Life Coaching or Hypnotherapy session. If you are considering help…

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The Dash

Why the ‘DASH’ is so important. Hello and welcome to my first blog post. I will be uploading a new blog post each month on certain thoughts I may have, and how positive changes can be made within ourselves, even if we only have a slight shift in how we think. My aim is for…

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