Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy for Childhood Abuse

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When we experience an event, the feeling from that event can be locked into our unconscious mind. These ‘feelings’ can be recalled by events that remind us of the event i.e. a smell of certain food or perfume, a tune we hear on the radio or perhaps a phrase. Our unconscious mind does not differentiate between good and bad memories, so the same thing can happen that brings up certain past ‘bad’ memories just as easily as good ones.

For some people who suffered childhood abuse, it can seem as if they were suddenly dragged onto a different road of life, were powerless to do anything about it and it was generally by a person whom they knew and maybe even trusted. This can impact on how they think, feel and behave to this present day.

I am assuming that because you are reading this and have got this far already, this either happened to you or to someone who you know.

You may be wondering if there is an answer as the past cannot be changed, right?


It is true that the past cannot be changed but what can change is how it affects you, both today, tomorrow and for the rest of your life.

I have worked with adults and children who have suffered childhood abuse (physical, emotional, psychological and sexual) for over 20 years, both as a former Detective with the Police, as a Counsellor and as a Hypnotherapist. I just want to say right here and now, IT WAS NOT YOUR FAULT.

Many times the people I have worked with have believed the childhood abuse was, they somehow deserved it, instigated it, and at times even though they despised the person it, still held feelings for them. This is confusion guaranteed.

Using Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy I can help you deal with what happened so YOU are in control of both your memories, your emotions, your feelings and become the best version of yourself.

 You really are a survivor already for just being here. Sometimes we just need a helping hand for the final leg of the journey. I would be honoured to help you achieve that.

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James Taylor