Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy for Comfort Eating

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Comfort eating can be caused for many reasons. Perhaps you comfort eat when you are bored, sad, tired, angry, happy or a combination of these and many more emotions. This is exactly what comfort eating is. It is emotional eating i.e. you feel a certain way, so you eat.

Comfort eating is not normally out of hunger. Depending on what ‘the trigger’ is, if the trigger is with you on a regular basis, you will continue to comfort eat unless something changes.

This is where Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy can help.

Every year we help many, many people stop this comfort eating behaviour and you can be one of them. Sometimes this is by helping you control the behaviour, sometimes we may have to look at the underlying causes as to why you have been comfort eating in the first place, but either way, we can help.

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