Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy for Driving Tests

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Driving tests can bring up certain fears and nerves with many people. Have you ever taken a test before and made mistakes that you have not made on your driving lessons?

Have you kicked yourself afterward and perhaps had a loss of confidence in your ability and performance?

Has this increased the financial burden as you now need further lessons and a further test?

If so, you are not alone. Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy can dramatically remove these nerves and fears as well as increasing your spacial awareness.

You are constantly (and unconsciously) blocking out outside noises and sights so you can function better. It is our bodies way of helping us so we do not become overloaded, almost like a built-in filtering system.

Have you ever been to a party or an event, been talking to someone yet your name gets mentioned on the other side of the room and you somehow hear it?

That is because your filtering system is working perfectly fine.

It keeps this information from you, yet is still monitoring the environment in the background.

As soon as it detects you need to know something (like your name being mentioned), it brings this information to your conscious attention so you can tune into it. Clever isn’t it?

With Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy, we use this natural gift you have but tweak it slightly.  We can work on letting you absorb these details you may normally not be aware of and bring them to the fore.

This will make you more observant and in turn be able to anticipate what ‘may’ happen, whilst increasing your confidence and ability. This also impacts positively in areas beyond just driving.

Imagine you are driving along an unfamiliar road. Your unconscious mind will be noticing everything but in an unpracticed driver, it will be automatically be filtering out so much information that could actually be assisting you.

Compare this to a driver who has worked on accessing their unconscious capability. Suddenly you may notice you are passing numerous bus stops, see signs for a school nearby and perhaps it is school opening times.

Your unconscious and conscious mind can be working in unison. It will be ready to react to the possibility of a child perhaps running across the road suddenly.

Can you see how increasing your natural ability can make you a better driver and also increase your own confidence?

Perhaps your nerves are with the driving examination itself?

Is it the knowledge you are being scrutinised by the examiner?  Is it you believe that the examiner somehow wants you to fail? Maybe you have been unsuccessful in the past and your confidence has been shaken?

This can add to existing stress, which in turn add to your performance.

Whatever the reason, there is a solution.
Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy cannot only easily dispel any false beliefs you may have about your ability, but by using hypnotic suggestions to your unconscious mind, unleash your true potential.

Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy can also help relieve this.

  • Imagine being on your driving test, reading the road in advance and be ready, capable and calm. What would that feel like?
  • Imagine knowing you have this ability prior to your test. How would that improve the quality of your driving and not only for the test but beyond?
  • Imagine knowing that can do this with ease? What would that feel like?
I’m guessing, pretty good.

Well, the ability to achieve all of the above, and much more, lies within you but you may not (yet) know it.

“I was so stressed about my driving test. I had failed four times and had begun to wonder if I would ever pass. I had three sessions with James and my confidence and ability shot through the roof. I passed on my very next test and the feeling was amazing. I would highly recommend booking James for Hypnotherapy.” – Jean

The acorn does not know it has all the ability within it to become a mighty oak, but it does.

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