“This was the first time I had tried hypnotherapy. James was really knowledgeable and helped me a lot. I would encourage others to give it a try without dismissing it”


“James’s approach to my therapy was great. He was very easy going and had a soothing voice which made me feel comfortable when under hypnosis. Thanks James”


“James is a true professional and a wonderful man to sit and talk to. He’s very caring and understanding”


“Before I couldn’t swim in the sea or any water actually that wasn’t a swimming pool. The fish used to freak me out. James was brilliant, put me at ease and made me feel comfortable. He helped me rationalise my fear and learn how to cope when it may get a bit much. I have ventured into the water since and before I would have been constantly looking for fish without even dipping my toe in, this time I actually paddled and never gave the fish a thought. This years holiday will be my next test but I am sure it will be fine and if I waver then I have a coping strategy James taught me”


“Before I couldn’t rationalise my thoughts around food, anxiety and anger management. Now I understand my negative thoughts around food. I can deal with a lot more of my anxious behaviour” 


“Before I was stressed about my exams and couldn’t deal with the pressure I was being put under. Now I can sit my exams and other assessments without feeling horribly stressed. Would highly recommend”