“I wanted to give up smoking. I knew it was no good for me, but kept doing it regardless. I though I would give this a go and it was the boost I needed to put me in the right mind set to finally quit. I now feel like a non-smoker. It’s been 14 days, which I have packed in for before, but this time I know it’s for good. Thank You James”


Never thought I would ever be able to give up smoking, 34 years of being a heavy smoker. I just couldn’t see me quitting, I had tried a few years back, but failed. I ended up with some health problems, and desperately needed to do something to stop. A friend suggested Hypnotherapy. 
Well, I decided to go for it! What can I lose? I’m extremely happy to say I have been a non- smoker for almost a month, no more coughing fits, no more chest pains, I can actually taste more, smell things more and that’s just fantastic!


James was very friendly and polite and very patient with me. I had hypnotherapy for smoking cessation. The session was good and very insightful, however the after effects were not what I thought. 
I had hoped that the hypnotherapy would help me to deal with the cravings and reduce the amount of will power required. I personally found that I needed a lot of will power afterwards. 
Having said that, I am still not smoking, and already feeling the benefits in my health and my pocket! 
Thank you for your continued support during this stage.

It’s been a month since I had my last cigarette. This is truly unbelievable. I lived to smoke and smoked to live. Simple. Everybody knew that . And….. 30 days ago, after just one hypnotherapy session with James its all changed. James is amazingly calm, empathetic and understanding guy. He not only helped me on that day but was in touch and ready to help when crisis arisen. I am truly grateful for your help and support. I will recommend James to everybody. Thank you ever so much James.