Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy for Hair Pulling

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We are all creatures of habit. It is what makes us human. We have our certain routines that we do and do not really give it much thought. As long as we are not bothering anyone and it’s not harmful, then it’s fine. Hair Pulling, however, is harmful and can cause pain and damage to not only the hair follicle but can create a bald patch.

I’m assuming that you are here because you have developed this habit of Hair Pulling and you know it is not fine. It has become a habit that you do not like and a habit that you want to change. Then you have already taken a step in the right direction.

You are in the right place.
Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy is an excellent choice to address this.

Every year we help many, many people reduce or remove their bad habits and become more in control of their feelings, emotions, and behaviours and you too can be one of them.

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