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You may not be responsible for who you are. but you are responsible for changing it.

If you are not presently where you want to be in life, whether that is Emotionally, Financially, Mentally or Physically, then it is time to act and Life Coaching is an excellent choice to consider.

Similar to a laser guidance system, you not only want to know your destination but your present position. Both are needed to successfully and progressively navigate from one to the other. Here is where Life Coaching comes to the fore.

A great question to ask yourself is, “What am I doing? What is working? What isn’t”?

If you do not have a destination, you have nothing to aim for. Instead, you drift and you will continue to drift, age, be frustrated, give up on your dreams and goals and never have a life that you truly deserve.

This is not how it should be but sadly, it is how 95% of the population operates and the sad thing is, they are in a self-imposed prison of their own making. They cannot escape the prison as they do not even realise they are in one.

Can you see the conundrum?

So how can Life Coaching help?

Life Coaching is a very different approach to assisting with an issue rather than Counselling and Hypnotherapy. Instead, as we work together, we will be looking to work on your goals in both a practical and non-practical way.

This will take time and if we work together, I will expect you to dedicate the time and effort to this mutual goal. I make no apologies for taking this stance as I only want to work with dedicated and committed individuals.

How many sessions will I need?

That is difficult to say at present as I do not yet know what you would like to change. What I can say is I will be giving you tasks to work on, in-between our sessions so you can improve daily. This will not only accelerate the process for you but increase your awareness of what is stopping you and then, how to change that. Sessions will either be weekly or fortnightly, either in person at Harley Street or via video call.

This is an abbreviated version of a poem that I love by Portia Nelson, and it reads:

Monday – I walk down a road. There is a hole. I fall in. 

Tuesday – I walk down the same road. There is a hole. I fall in. 

Wednesday – I walk down the same road. There is a hole. I walk around it. 

Thursday – I walk down a different road.  

What I have taken from this poem is, in my past when I have tried and tried and it has not worked, should I instead try a different road?

Should YOU, try a different road? I think you already know the answer. 

If you have any questions whatsoever please send me an email using the below button which will be treated in strictest confidence.

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To your success,

James Taylor