Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy for Relationships

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When people talk about relationships, they ‘generally’ mean relationships with their husband/wife, partner, children, family, friends and work colleagues. Many negative issues can arise from these relationships, and they can leave a person feeling a certain way i.e. upset, angry, weak, ill, doubtful, not considered, worthless, suffering from low self-esteem, etc. The list can go on and on.

Many people also tolerate these feelings for a long time before they decide to act. I am guessing you are at that stage of ACTION right now and that is why you are here.

In all sincerity, WELL DONE, as many people do not manage to get this far.

Before I get into how Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy can help (and it can), I would like you to consider something for a moment.

What is your relationship with yourself like?

Now that is a big question, so please consider your answer carefully. Many times I have had clients who do not actually like themselves or did not think they were worth much. Does this resonate with you?

If this raises a feeling or a sense within you, then perhaps the relationship we have to work on is your relationship with yourself.

Whatever the reason, Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy can help.
How can Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy help me?

Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy works by looking at the unconscious part of your mind and finding answers to issues. Once we have answers, we then find solutions. Sometimes, this involves looking for links and patterns to unpick wrongly held beliefs, and replace them with far superior ones that work. We help you ‘join the dots’ so you will understand where you have been, and have confidence in where you will be going. At times, the cause is very obvious, but for some reason, you just cannot get there yourself.

This is actually very common – you are not alone.

Here are a few examples which may hopefully explain my point:

Example 1:

Client X always has issues with bosses/management they work for. Client X feels that in both their current and previous jobs, they are being criticised daily. They feel that every piece of work they complete is going to be pulled apart. At this point, they usually feel humiliated and angry.

What Client X discovers in Hypnosis is that they have felt like this before. They join the dots and realise they felt like this when they were very small. As we work further into their feeling they understand they had a domineering parent who instead of supporting them, used to put them down and make them feel worthless.

They also felt angry but powerless to do something about it. This installed a programme (“I am no good at anything and I hate getting told it”) that is still running now.

Client X realises this programme is automatically (and unconsciously) expecting them to be put down by someone in a position of power and they will again be helpless.

In Hypnosis we can release the old programme and replace it with a confident, self-assured and healthier one instead. We also empower Client X’s inner voice to be able to say how they feel clearly, confidently and fairly, whilst assessing every situation objectively.

We (if Client X desires) may also work on the feelings towards the critical parent, and other issues.

Example 2:

Client Z has issues with personal relationships, and every potential partner seems to leave them. This makes Client Z feel as if relations just “don’t work”. Client Z has feelings about their own perceived inability to have a relationship. Client Z now does not trust any potential partner, but still, desires a loving relationship.

Here there are two programmes crashing together, both competing for dominance.

 In Hypnosis, Client Z realises when her parents divorced, she overheard her mother frequently being critical of how ‘men could not be trusted, ever’. This placed a programme running within her unconscious mind. (“If my mother said it, it must be true and men cannot be trusted, ever!”)

 What Client Z is unaware of (as it is in her unconscious mind) is that she is bringing this programme to every first date and beyond. Client Z is also adding authenticity and validation to that programme with every piece of news she hears of a relationship ending. This is similar to if you are looking to buy a certain type/colour of car and all of a sudden, you seem to see them everywhere. You see what you look for.

Here we would work with Client Z’s belief system and actively seek and remove the programme that is causing them an issue. This leaves Client Z able to go on a date and then to see what happens, with no fixed agenda. Instead, they have a confidence in themselves to be who they are, because that is enough.

If Client Z had not dealt emotionally with her parents’ divorce, this could also be something we can successfully address.

Example 3:

Now imagine this scenario – if Client X and Client Z who had not addressed these issues, and somehow formed a relationship together – what would that be like?

So many unconscious programmes would be crashing together, even though consciously they may have absolutely no idea what was going on, something just wasn’t working. See the issue?

This is sadly a very common scenario, as we all bring our past into our current relationships. So many relationships could have been saved if only the parties involved would have sought help.

Well, there is a possible happy ending to these scenarios – and you are on the brink of it right now.

 If you had a fault with your car, you would take it to a garage, and if you had an issue with your house you would call in a builder. The mechanic and the builder would work on the issues without you and would not need your help. They would have the knowledge on what to do, and you may be a hindrance if you tried to get involved with the repair.

With Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy, YOU are definitely involved. Sometimes we just need another person to understand, guide, and support us on the last leg of this journey.

“James’s approach to my therapy was great. He was very easy going and had a soothing voice which made me feel comfortable when under hypnosis. Thanks James.” – Les
Using Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy I can help you so that YOU are in control of your memories, emotions, and feelings – and become the best version of yourself.

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