Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy for Self Esteem

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If you suffer from self-esteem it is likely it is affecting others aspects of your belief system such as your confidence, courage/fear, faith in yourself and outlook also.

Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy will help you enormously.

Lack of self-esteem can be for many reasons both new and old. What we believe affects how we think and how we think, affects how we behave.

For some reason, you are perhaps believing a certain thing about yourself and that ‘programme’ is affecting your self-esteem. Imagine how life would be if we replaced this programme with a better one. One that was personalised just for you that would run so effectively that whatever you faced, you would know exactly what do and have complete confidence in your abilities.

  • What would that feel like?
  • What could you achieve?
  • What obstacles could you overcome?

Well despite any flashes of doubt you may have had about your ability to achieve this, and without even knowing you, I am convinced you can do it. Why am I so convinced? I am convinced because I know that if you can believe one thing and take on that belief, you can learn something new and take on another. We do this all of the time but do not give ourselves credit for it. You started doing it the moment you were born.

Still not sure? Consider this for a moment.

When you were born, you could not speak as you did not know any language. You also could not understand any language. Yet despite this hugely disadvantaged beginning, you now can. That is an amazing thing you did yet, you probably just dismiss this as ‘nothing major’. In reality, it was a huge achievement. You see, you learned as you were programmed with information. Some of that information was good and some not.

I often explain to clients that they will not be hypnotised, they will instead be ‘de-hypnotised’ to reject an old behaviour or habit.
Here, Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy comes into its own.

Together, and understanding the reason for your self-esteem, we can work on erasing it. Instead of leaving a void, we replace it with your natural ability to have an abundance of esteem.

 “I can now look at my life and be proud of what I have achieved.”  – MT

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