Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy for Sexual Problems

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There is a definite link between sexual problems and stress. This can lead to more stress and impact further on sexual problems. At times the defining moment, a sexual problem began can be very obvious, such as a traumatising event, but at times it is not so obvious. However, whatever sexual problem you have, Hypnotherapy and Hypnosis can help.


Let me provide some background information here to explain. Your unconscious mind stores every memory and feeling you have ever experienced. It runs our entire body with complete accuracy (most of the time at least). Whilst you have been reading, it has maintained your heart rate, your temperature and your breathing all without you being consciously aware of it until I drew your attention to it.

Due to its ability to keep things from our conscious mind, we can feel a certain way but not understand why. An event can upset us which makes us confused. It can also cause a physical reaction to take place (or not) without us consciously making that decision ourselves. Think of how some people sweat when nervous, blush when shy and perhaps get butterflies in their stomachs when scared. These are not conscious decisions we are making when this happens. An event is happening beyond our conscious awareness that is causing this, and this is our unconscious in action.

Whatever your sexual problem may be, your unconscious mind will know why. Here is where Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy can be so very powerful. Whilst hypnotised, I work directly with the unconscious part of the brain. At times, the conscious listens in and at times, it just rests for the moment as it is not needed. By working directly with the unconscious, the reason for the sexual problem can be identified. Once identified, it can be addressed.

How many sessions will this take?

At present that is difficult to say with any certainty as I do not yet know what the issue is.The reason(s) may be very easily addressed. At other times, we have to go gradually and at a pace that works best for you, to ensure we deal effectively with this. Personally, I want to make your sessions as effective as possible and that means not rushing and missing something. This can lead to further stress and that is something I want to avoid at all costs, as it can undo the good work you will have already completed.

I would suggest we have our initial assessment which includes a session of Hypnotherapy and see what is uncovered. This will give me a better perspective on how best to proceed. I always ensure my clients are fully involved in this process and we will be working together in collaboration. Your conscious mind can actively listen but most people just like to take the opportunity to rest and let the therapy take place.

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